Tuesday, 3 December 2013


What a Win!

Finally the Wimbledon trophy arrived into the big hands of Andy Murray and his coach Ivan Lendl after the decisive Battle. It was fantastic night, to watch that one sided Match.  The other aspect which surprised me was that Andy Murray sat on his chair with a sigh of relief, the match controller approaching him, Murray asked permission to share his Victory Josh with his mates who were all sitting in the Player Box.  The controller permits Murray. Often other winners, bulldozing the way in to their Box, taking advantage of their Victory and the status of Celebrity.  But Murray climbed into his Box (in fact there’s no direct way to reach the Player’s Box from the Center Court) with a rare courtesy. 

He embraced everybody leaving his mother since he didn't know the faces during his emotional burst. His mother also patiently waited and beckoned the guard to call his son and embraced him.  What a mother she is! What a courtesy they are celebrating! Wonderful mother & son. Seldom have we witnessed this type of an incident. 

Not to forget Djockovic, who is a legend who kept his emotions tight, celebrating Murray’s rich Legacy, himself a True Champion indeed!

I pen this with the memory of my Guru, friend Raghuram and my coach Mr. Nandakumar

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