Wednesday, 4 December 2013


My face book friend Mr. Charles J Forman’s article on women’s transformation to the domestic work at Germany and my son’s teacher Prof.Shanthi Shankaralingam’s questionnaire to me, on AN IMPACT ON WOMEN EMPLOYEE IN THE MIND OF MEN in India, both are contrary on its core message, eventually induced me to share some thoughts.
In fact in India Women have long years of Log book for working in various fields viz., Agriculture, Cooking, Teaching, War-espionage, Weaving, Handicrafts, Masonry, Rehabilitation centers, Judicial, medicine, Micro-biology labs and religious missionary . 

Thus Women prevail silently in all terrains of Human work; we can say that they are predominant. Women themselves do not promote their efficiency, determination, dedication and desire to take up the responsibilities on par se to the Men including Leadership qualities, on their respective fields but mankind is undoubtedly benefited. 

Particularly both men and women shared their work with an ethic, though when our literacy rate was low, but only in the contemporary years we see sexual abuse and harassment. When women were deployed into some specialized domains, particularly Banking and Information Technology, in the night hours, sexual abuse & Sexual harassment took place only amidst their cherished circle.

We do not hear such stories from Tirupur and Sivakasi, where Women work force is huge, but the incidents are more only at corporate sector, Banks and IT parks and it leads to bigger arguments.
Aiswal, the capital of Mizoram, this place is mainly notable for its huge population of women laborers and the crime rate against them. Today, our capital the so called Delhi, safety for women is under the scanner of the family

The society should be well informed with the statistical ratio of women employment and the government should increase the space for women at all places, like the country does for the colonies.

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