Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Letter to Mr. Anand Raghav, Stage Personality and Writer


My Sincere appreciations to a Stage Wizard!

Just read your “Porutham” a short story, in Diwali Malar, a purposeful purchase, this year.

Seeing your notification on FB about this short story, I have landed on your page, not have given any significance to Nanjil Nadan, S. Ramakrishnan, Dhanshika, Mrithula and Santra Prajin photograph on Kavithayini.Thamarai.
Initially I thought that I have surfaced into corporate world again, but your transition from a five star Hotel meeting to the beloved Kalyani Atthai and her activities, is a beauty. Kalyani athai’s first and second theory, the conversation with Dhuraisamy and Srinivasan while Krishnan mama looks on, her selfless work to merge the couple, finally her frustration towards the attitude of the present generation have been written by you very thoughtfully and  will reach every proposed couple.

I understand your concern for the aftermath of divorce and constrain to favor the ideology of Living Together.

You have written this story without any support of vernacular slang or sequel of incidents.  You have fabricated with an illustrative yolk of concept, gracefully.

Every publication of a writer, is to give a child-birth again, in spite you have proved that you are fertile.

I have been updated in your FB status, about your drug allergy, leading to conviction over Patti Vaidhyam and mentioned about deterioration of your health.

In fact it is all a difficult task, for a writing brain, to cross all this inevitable events of Real life.

I wish you become a Bookmark in writing.

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